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Controlling and monitoring inventory is a central function of any business, whether retail, wholesale, or manufacturing. With CSAS Inventory system, you can automatically maintain detailed, organized, easy-to-access records which allow you to monitor and report on virtually any aspect of your inventory.

Unlimited numbers of inventory items, locations, and transactions can be tracked over an unlimited number of years, with details for each item stored separately for each location.

With inventory inquiries and reports, you can easily monitor the activity, status, valuation, and month-by-month sales history of any inventory item, taking into account the item's cost and selling price.

Generating order requirements reports is as easy as 123. The order requirements can then be turned into a purchase order using the CSAS purchasing system.

For price changes, let CSDC design a special price change module using electronic information from your vendors.



bulletInventory master listing
bulletInventory reference listing
bulletValuation report
bulletAnalysis report
bulletStock status report
bulletProduct class master listing
bulletPrice code listing
bulletItem price book
bulletTransaction edit listing
bulletOrder requirements report
bulletInventory count report

bulletAll data entry is done through menu-selected, task-oriented input display screens.
bulletOn-line inquiry allows access to items, warehouses, serial#s and item transaction history.
bulletItems can be inquired by item# or a search on any part of the item description.
bulletEach item can have up to 3 alternate or substitute items.
bulletEach item can be stored in multiple warehouses.
bulletCalculates order requirements and optionally creates purchase order.
bulletAutomatically prints inventory count sheet by vendor, class or location.
bulletAutomatic price recalculation for price changes.
bulletProduct classes used to group items together for reporting.
bulletTracks items sales by quantity, sales price, cost price and profit.
bulletInterfaces with CSAS Billing system.
bulletInterfaces with CSAS Purchasing system.
bulletProvides on-line maintenance of item, product class, price code and system configuration.
bullet"Notes" file can be added for each item.


Screen shots
Item browser


Item master file


Transaction entry



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